The Penistone Cinema Organ Trust is a not-for-profit volunteer organisation and all the work we do is done by our wonderful volunteers. Without the great work our volunteers do, we simply wouldn’t be able to operate. There are always lots of volunteering opportunities to get involved at the Astoria Centre. These range from working on the instruments, restoring various Cinema Organ components, keeping the Astoria Centre clean & tidy, helping out in the refreshment area and much more. Every volunteer brings their own individual skill set and is an important member of our team. Don’t worry if you haven’t had any first hand experience with a Cinema Organ or similar venue - we all have to start somewhere and many of our current volunteers had very little hands-on experience before they became a volunteer but have since learnt new skills, as well as developing long lasting friendships along the way.

Volunteering opportunities include :

  • Being part of a creative and friendly team
  • Maintaining the Compton Organ
  • Restoration and installation of Cinema Organ components
  • Operating sound & lighting equipment
  • Maintaining the Astoria Centre in a clean & presentable condition
  • Helping out in the catering department
  • Cataloguing the Archive Collection
  • Keeping items in the collection clean and in good repair
  • Creating displays of items within the collection
  • Welcoming visitors to events
  • Helping to distribute publicity material
  • Preparing the Astoria Centre for events

Regular volunteer days currently take place every Monday & Tuesday from 10am - 5pm. We also have occasional volunteer evenings, which are arranged as required.

If you feel you’d like to learn more about the cinema organ and it’s heritage, while making a valued contribution to the Astoria Centre, please contact us, letting us know your interest and we look forward to welcoming you onboard.